Sunday, June 3, 2012

Passing it on

Passing it on
There is a spirit behind what we're doing.  We'd like those of us who are interested in being part of OurHorses to be able to communicate from that spirit. We can also call it communicating from the heart.  It is that feeling within us that hurts when we see a captive horse, whether confined within ropes or small spaces.  It is the spirit that longs to see that horse out, free, running with friends, eating grasses, drinking from streams.  It is the spirit that feels right when we know we are doing our best to ensure that all horses can live lives as part of nature, no longer servants of humans.

Our ancestors have passed on to us a long legacy of how to control and "enjoy" horses.  Many humans still think these are the best or only ways of being with horses.  We believe that when we see ourselves as truly wealthy we will care for our horses in sanctuary.  Today our hearts are full because some of us are already caring for the brothers and sisters that our kind has stolen land and liberty from. 

We who feel the lives of horses deeply must take what we can learn from being with horses in honest and caring ways and use that to be with humans in honest and caring ways. 

In order to communicate from the heart we must speak to others about what is dear to us.  Often we will be able to do this both with horses and humans at the same time.  We can introduce people to our ways of healing horses and ourselves by doing what we love.

This is what we are working on now in North San Juan, California.  We are introducing people to this subject by bringing it up as a topic of conversation and by inviting people to meet with the horses and letting the horses guide us all to a new understanding of what horses are and how we can be together.  These people tell their friends and put us in contact with others who are interested in helping to care for horses and humans in sanctuary.  It is rare to find somebody who doesn't find the subject of caring for captive horses interesting.

Like a community garden, let horses in sanctuary be the land that we care for in all her animal and plant manifestations. 

In North San Juan and the nearby areas of Grass Valley, Nevada City and Penn Valley we will be holding a free 4 week course for people to get together and explore the future of horse human relations.  We will be meeting at a park and using the Path of the Horse movie and book (soon to be released) as our study materials, our hearts as our guides, and each other as our mirrors.

If you would like to practice speaking from your heart about this with people you meet, let us know how it goes.  Share your stories and spread the word.  If you would like to put together an OurHorses study group in your area please contact us.  There is no need to own horses or land in order to bring together like-minded people to explore the future of horse human relations. 

We hope to take the next steps together.

Email: if you are interested in gathering together a study group in your area.


  1. Your words speaks truth, and it's a joy to read every single of them. I hope this fantastic offer of yours will gather more people!

    Best regards,
    Vilde <3

  2. I would love to start a study group in my area. How does one go about that? Any help would be appreciated. I am in Manitoba, Canada.

  3. This is so incredible. I cannot believe Ive found people that have the same perspective as I. Stormy is an angel in my eyes for founding OurHorses and creating The Path of The Horse.

    Also, I would love to start a study group in my area as well. I live in San Jose, CA. Let me know if this is possible.

    Thanks so much for being who you are Stormy,